the convex regular

  • the tetrahedron
  • the cube
  • the octahedron
  • the dodecahedron
  • the icosahedron

the convex quasiregular

  • the cuboctahedron
  • the icosidodecahedron

the convex semiregular:

  • truncated tetrahedron
  • truncated cube
  • truncated octahedron


expanding the faces of polyhedra

snubbing the cube itnto the cuboctahedron

other examples of the expansion of the edges or faces of achiral polyhedra are described here.



tesselatting in 3D

tessellating space with truncated octahedra

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convex semiregular polyhedra

The webpage concerning the convex semiregular polyhedra includes tutorials meant to show how to model: the truncated tetrahedron from the regular tetrahedron; the truncated cube from the cube; the truncated octahedron from the regular octahedron; the truncated octahedron from the cube. (more coming soon)

convex quasiregular polyhedra

The webpage with tutorials on how to model the cuboctahedron and the icosidodecahedron is finished and may be found in the upper menu or here. Comments and suggestions are always welcomed.

Symmetry, Structure, and Information in the 2021 IS4SI’s Summit

The Conference of the International Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Symmetry, focusing on “Symmetry, Structure, and Information” is scheduled as a Contributing Event to the IS4SI 2021, the annual Summit of the International Society for the Study of Information (IS4SI). This Summit will be held online between the 12th and the 19th of September, […]

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