Welcome to my website, “moving geometry.” My name is Vera Viana (more info here), and my interests revolve around geometry, polyhedra, structural morphology, mathematics education, and introducing digital technology for STEAM topics in higher education. I work with 3D modeling software (Rhinoceros) and algorithmic modeling (Grasshopper) for research and teaching. All the models shown here were built with 3D-modeling software (from scratch, so to speak) since I never use predefined models. Below are links to my latest studies.

printer’s log

stellated dodecahedra
enclosing polyhedra

campanus’ sphere
concave quasiregular polyhedra

math and art seminar at KSU
tessellations as spatial structures

expanding the edges of polyhedra
dual pairs

monohedral topological interlocking (soon)


my sketchfab

recent editorial projects: