the author

Vera Viana (1971) studies geometry and the relationships between architecture and mathematics as a Ph.D. Researcher at CEAU (Centre for Studies of Architecture and Urbanism) in FAUP (the Faculty of Architecture of Porto’s University). Her research focuses on geometry, polyhedral theory, history of polyhedra (particularly, in the 16th century) and spatial structures supported by digital tools (3D modelling software, parametric modelling software, 3D printing, and dynamic geometry software).

In July 2020, Viana concluded the Doctoral Thesis (written in Portuguese) entitled “Didactic Applications on Polyhedra for the Teaching of Geometry” in UTAD (Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro’s University), at the Sciences and Technology Didactics, with a specialization in the Didactic of Mathematical Sciences.

Director of aproged (the portuguese geometry and drawing teachers’ association) since 2009, vera viana organizes the international conferences geometrias (since 2013), jornadas didácticas (since 2016), aproged’s national meetings (2008-2012) and is editor-in-chief of the geometrias conference books of abstracts and proceedings, as well as aproged’s bulletins (since 2009).

Conference report editor for Nexus Network Journal. since 2014.

Organizing Committee Member of the IS4SI 2021, the 4th Summit of the International Society for the Study of Information

Scientific committee member of the following conferences: Symmetry, Structure and Informnation @ IS4SI, Nexus 2020, ICGG 2020, Geometrias’19, ICGG 2018 and MonGeometrija 2018.

As a geometer and teacher of descriptive geometry, a teachers’ trainer (on the exploration of dynamic geometry software), authorized rhino trainer and author of two schoolbooks on descriptive geometry for the secondary level (2013 and 2014), viana has been engaged since 2001 in the development of educational resources with dynamic geometry, three-dimensional modelling and algorithmic modelling software, having authored papers and presentations on the subject.