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Vera Viana (1971) is a Researcher in CEAU (Centre for Studies of Architecture and Urbanism), FAUP (the Faculty of Architecture of Porto’s University) focused on geometry, polyhedral theory, history of polyhedra (particularly, in the 16th century) and spatial structures supported by advanced digital tools (3D modelling software, parametric modelling software, 3D printing, and dynamic geometry software). For CEAU, her research is developed within the relationships between architecture and mathematics.

Director of Aproged (the Portuguese Geometry and Drawing Teachers’ Association) since 2009, Vera Viana organizes the international conferences Geometrias (since 2013), Jornadas Didácticas (since 2016), Aproged’s National Meetings (2008-2012) and is editor-in-chief of the Geometrias conference books of abstracts and proceedings, as well as Aproged’s Bulletins (2009 to 2021).

Currently in the job market looking for Academic and/or Research & Development opportunities.

In July 2020, Viana concluded the Doctoral Thesis entitled Aplicações Didácticas sobre Poliedros para o Ensino da Geometria | Didactic Applications on Polyhedra for the Teaching of Geometry in UTAD (Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro’s University), in Sciences and Technology Didactics with a specialization in Mathematical Sciences Education.

Conference report editor for Nexus Network Journal since 2014.

International Advisory Board and Chair in Europe of the International Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Symmetry

Congress Chair and Organizing Committee Member of the Symmetry Art and Science: 12th SIS-Symmetry Congress.


Doctoral Thesis:

  • Viana, V (2020). Aplicações didácticas sobre poliedros para o ensino da geometria / Didactic Applications on Polyhedra for the teaching of Geometry ( [Tese de Doutoramento, Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro]. Repositório Científico da UTAD.

Books and Book chapters:

Journal Articles:

Conference Papers and Abstracts (Peer-Reviewed):

  • Viana, V. (2021). Towards a systematic approach of topological interlocked assemblies of polyhedra. In Kim Williams & Cornelie Leopold (Eds.) Nexus 20/21 Architecture and Mathematics Conference Book. Turin: Kim Williams Books. 295-300.
  • Viana, V. (2019). Tessellations within Tessellations. In Dénes Nagy, Ioannis Vandoulakis, Ryuji Takaki, Ritsuko Izuhara, Shozo Ishihara & Yoshinori Teshima (Eds.) Tradition and Innovation in Symmetry. 11th Congress and Exhibition of SIS-Symmetry. 290-293.
  • Xavier, J; Sousa, J. Castro, A. & Viana, V. (2019). An Introduction to Solid Tessellations with Students of Architecture. In Vera Viana (Ed.) Geometrias’19: Book of Abstracts. Porto: Aproged. 127-131.
  • Viana, V. (2018). Topological Interlocking of Convex Regular Polyhedra. In Cornelie Leopold, Christopher Robeller e Ulrike Weber (Eds.). RCA 2018 Research Culture in Architecture. International Conference on cross-disciplinary collaboration. Kaiserslautern: FATUK. 254-257.
  • Viana, V. (2018). Architectonic Tessellations as Constructive Modules. In Kim Williams & Marco Bevilacqua (Eds.) Nexus 2018 Architecture and Mathematics Conference Book. Turin: Kim Williams Books. 325-328.

Books edited and co-edited:

  • Vera Viana, Vítor Murtinho & João Pedro Xavier (Eds.). (2020). Thinking, Drawing, Modelling. Springer International Publishing. doi:10.1007/978-3-030-46804-0
  • Vera Viana (Ed.). (2019). Geometrias’19: Book of Abstracts. Porto, Portugal: Aproged. doi: 10.24840/978-989-98926-8-2.
  • Vera Viana (Ed.). (2017). Geometrias’17: Book of Abstracts. Porto, Portugal. ISBN: 978-989-98926-4-4
  • Vera Viana, Filipe Gonzalez, Gilson Braviano, Manuel Costa & Vítor Murtinho (Eds.). (2016). Geometrias & Graphica 2015 Proceedings, Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa. Porto: Aproged, Volume 1, Volume 2.
  • Viana & Alexandra Paio (Ed.). (2014). Geometrias 2014 Proccedings. Porto, Portugal: Aproged

Journals edited and co-edited:

Presentations in International Conferences and Congresses:

  • Tessellations Within Tessellations (short paper with oral presentation)
  • Symmetry Art and Science: 11th Congress and Exhibition
  • November 2019, Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Japan.
  • Interactive Resources for an Active Descriptive Geometry Learning (paper presentation)
  • 12th International Conference on Technology in Mathematics Teaching
  • July 2015, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade do Algarve, Portugal.
  • Dynamic geometry software and augmented reality samples for high school descriptive geometry teaching (paper with oral presentation)
  • Enabling Teachers for Entrepreneurship Education
  •  June 2014, Universidad de Granada, Spain.
  • Descriptive geometry learning is no more threatened by dynamic geometry software than stairs by elevators (paper with oral presentation)
  • III Dia Geogebra em Portugal
  • June 2013, Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal.

Involvement in International Conferences and Congresses:


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