the convex regular

the tutorials below, show examples on how to model* the five convex regular polyhedra:

These and other examples on how to model them are included in my Doctoral Thesis (in Portuguese).

regular tetrahedron, T

modelling the regular tetrahedron (by vera viana)

regular hexahedron (cube), C

rhino’s command box allows you to model a cube quite easily. Just select the tool, locate the point in which the cube is to be drawn (first corner or base), type the edge lenght, type enter for the width and enter again for the height. this will ensure that every edge lenght of the box is the same.

regular octahedron, O

modelling the regular octahedron (by vera viana)

regular dodecahedron, D

modelling the regular dodecahedron (by vera viana)

regular icosahedron, I

modelling the regular icosahedron (by vera viana)

* the software used is Rhinoceros (version 6.0)